Shrewdly: Crafty Anyone who has worked on a labor ward gets a pretty shrewd idea about this.
Fain: Gladly He would fain take what comfort he could from this expression of good will.
Staunch: Watertight The boat was put through many tests to make sure it was staunch.
Hull: Drift with the wind The passengers began to worry as the ship started to hull.
Lusty: Strong; hearty Bill had a lusty appetite for pizza.
Seele: Rolling; pitching to one side Everyone stared in horror as the car began to seele to its left.
Halyards: Ropes for raising or lowering sails The crew manned the halyards and stood ready for action.
Shoals: Sandbars or shallow areas that are dangerous to navigate The captain was nervous as he attempted to navigate the shoals.
Succor: Help; relief The shelter offers succor for families in need.
Sachem: Chief The Indian sachem made all the important decisions in the tribe.

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