A. Staunch   B. Shoals   C. Seele   D. Hull   E. Succor

____ 1. Drift in the wind

____ 2. Rolling pitching to one side

____ 3. Sandbars or shallow areas that are dangerous to navigate

____ 4.  Help, relief

____ 5. Watertight

Multiple Choice:

6. In 1620, the Pilgrims made the difficult voyage to America aboard the:

A. Titanic

B. Mayflower

C. Pinta

D. Santa Maria


7. The Pilgrims landed near Cape Cod, Massachusetts instead of ________ as planned.

A. New Jersey

B. Maryland

C. North Carolina

D. Virginia


8. What struggles did the Pilgrims face once they arrived upon land?

A. Didn’t have homes to live in.

B. No friends or relatives to greet them.

C. No one to accommodate them to the new land.

D. All of the above


9. Which of these rhetorical devices is used in the quote below.

“…but we let one another lie and die like dogs…” (Par. 9)

A. Personification

B. Metaphor

C. Allusion

D. Simile


10. What was the purpose for writing this story.

A. To show all the difficulties the Pilgrims faced

B. To show how badly the Pilgrims wanted religious freedom

C. To show how prosperous the Pilgrims were after meeting the Indians

D. All of the above


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